Hi, I’m Michelle. With a degree in fine art, I create and sell my own work and have numerous years experience as a Gallerist. After working in the fine art world for many years, I fell in love with a photographer who has the most beautiful blue eyes. I found I really liked the idea of creating images with people, instead of selling works by other artists, and decided to join forces with Harrison.

Harrison and I strive to create images that work on many levels, not just a cute photo of Uncle ‘B’ with the baby, but is successful as an interesting image, without having to know the people. Of course, knowing the people in the photo will add even more to the image, but not required for it to be a great photo.

I love fulfilling people’s photography needs in very creative and unexpected ways. Take a look at our portfolios and see what you think. If you like what you see, please drop a line.